The Corporation Chairman Speech

Almost a quarter of a century has passed since the establishment of the corporation, ever since we have been providing our services to the Yemeni market in the fields of oil, gas, public contracting, transportation services, import and export. We’ve been providing the best services, fulfilling the objectives and requirements of companies and customers. As a result of the expansion of investments in the fields of oil and gas in Yemen, and with the corporation’s objective to keep up with the the latest developments, the company has expanded its activities to cover the provision of all fields of oil and gas services in a way that enhances the performance of work efficiency guaranteeing high quality, timely and cost-effective services at all Yemen regions.


AL MOFAZER INVESTMENT seeks to provide the best services and keep up with the latest developments in the industry in a way that serves the Yemeni market. In 1993 the Corporation expanded its business and added gas services. Thereby, stations and branches were established throughout the governorates of the Republic. In the year 2005, the corporation expanded its activities to include all oil services.

Corps Divisions

Exchange Financial & Banking Services

Oil Field Services Division

Drilling Division

Services & Maintenance Division

Gas Division

Transportation & Shipping Division

Constructing Division

Public Agencies, Import & Export Division

Exchange Division

AL MOFAZER INVESTMENT offers high quality financial and banking services and remittances to our customers including personnel services, bank accounts, Sending and receiving remittances and buying and selling currencies.

Oil field services division

  • Specialized in providing all types of supplies & logistics for oil & gas fields.
  • Representatives of multi-international oil companies including companies specialized in oil exploration, drilling oil wells and constructing pipelines.
  • Providing oil fields with supplies , equipment, spare parts and oils.
  • Established oil stations throughout Yemen providing services for clients and customers.
  • Providing all supplies needed for constructing tanks of crude oil & fuel.

Drilling Division

  • Representatives of many international drilling companies.
  • Providing heavy-duty equipment.
  • Providing various transports.
  • Catering.

Maintenance &Services Division

Gas Division

  • Offer all gas services through stations & branches across Yemen.
  • Supply security and safely equipment in accordance with international standards.
  • Provide gas tanks in several consumption sizes for (factories, hotels, restaurants and houses).

Transportation & Shipping Division

  • Offer all types of transportation & shipping services for light & heavy equipment to and from Yemen.
  • Provide all transportation means whether in land or sea.
  • Provide various types of cars with all services required as drivers and guards.

Constructing Division

  • We have an integrable fleet of heavy and light equipments required for paving roads and constructing projects.
  • Specialized in paving and constructing roads at flat or mountainous areas.
  • Establish all types of construction projects.
  • Provide all kinds of mobile homes.

Public Agencies Import & Export Division

Agents for international companies in the following domains:

  • Tires for all types of vehicles.
  • All sorts of consumable materials.
  • Oil & Gas tanks.
  • Security and safety equipment.

Contact us

  • Sanaa- Republic of Yemen
  • Telephone :+967-01-418998
  • Mobile :+967-776300610 / +967-775600600
  • Email